The Star Seed
God of decay, parasites, and transformation

The sentient infestation known as Xhamen-Dor, first cultivated in the sewers of the alien city of Carcosa, infected and transformed countless worlds before some ancient catastrophe or miscalculation nearly destroyed it. Reduced to a single blot of fungoid sentience trapped within a comet, the Great Old One eventually came to this world – having fallen from the sky. Where Xhamen-Dor's comet came to rest is unknown, but its cult agrees that the fallen star that bears the Great Old One's core lies in the depths of a large but remote lake somewhere in the world.

Since its arrival, Xhamen-Dor has slowly begun wakening, growing and sending filaments of its fungoid body throughout the world to rise up here and there to infest and spread.

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Domains: Death, Nature, Trickery


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