(anagrammed to prevent confusion with Hastur)

The River Rat
God of river travel

Nashpur is a minor god of the waterways worshipped primarily in the River Kingdoms. Nashpur is the god of the watery domains of the Sellen River and considers himself lord of all who travel his domain. As a travel god his shrine always lies just outside the town gates. Despite this he is still paid at least lip service by the peoples of the River kingdom as he smites those who displease him by sinking their boats and flooding their lands. He is depicted in art as a bearded man with spiky, reed-like hair. Legends claim he was a priest of another god who was drowned by a traveling companion then raised as a guardian of the waterways. 

Nashpur is considered to be a forbidden god and his worshipped is banned in many nations because of one of his faith's rituals. His worshippers travel with a lone companion and then one night drown them in the Sellen River, their god's domain. The legends of Nashpur's beginning may explain why Nashpur demands observance of this morbid ritual. 

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Domains: Death, Tempest


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